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Where Did He Come From?

Drawing of the Easter Bunny, attributed
to Johann Conrad Gilbert, ca. 1800.
Winterthur Museum

How did the annual tradition of the Easter Bunny bringing treats begin? There are several theories on the origin of the Easter Bunny itself through history. At some point in time these traditions were brought to America by European immigrants and the Easter Bunny evolved into the symbol of Spring and Easter that it is known as today. It is believed that the Easter Bunny tradition was first introduced to America as far back as the late 1700s or early 1800s, based on German traditions in which the annual rebirth of Spring included a mythical hare called Osterhase or Oschter Haws that actually laid eggs.

As the tradition evolved in America, families and children would make nests so that this mythical hare could lay its colorful eggs. The nests eventually were replaced by baskets, and the tradition further evolved to decorated eggs being hidden for the children to find on Easter morning.

Over the years the Easter Bunny, as it came to be known, began to deliver not just colorful eggs but also chocolate and other sweet treats, and even toys, in the decorated baskets.

The Easter Bunny became a popular shape for the special treats that were created for Spring and the Easter season. Today, even as American family celebrations continue to evolve and change with the times, most of the chocolate candies sold for the Easter season are either bunny or egg shaped – maintaining a link to the origins and traditions of the past.


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Make friends with three Little Pals and a bag of creamy Peanut Butter Buddies! More »

Sports Basket Estimated Price: $12.00

Perfect for sports lovers of all ages, this basket is sure to score big points. Featuring Soccer Bunny, Whacky Wabbit and more. More »

Palmer Icon Basket Estimated Price: $10.00

A classic Palmer assortment includes two of our most famous bunnies along with a big bag of our most popular treats. More »

Girl Themed Basket Estimated Price: $6.00

Easter Friends and Pastel Pals are waiting to be adopted, complete with yummy treats to feed them! More »

Celebration Basket Estimated Price: $5.75

This basket celebrates the reason for the season with inspiring cards, marshmallow crème eggs, and Little Pals to enjoy. More »

Bunny Basket Estimated Price: $12.00

They’re springing up everywhere! This basket features bunnies big and small along with carrots to feed them and tons of treats. More »

Boy Themed Basket Estimated Price: $8.00

This basket will be a home run with your ball player, featuring Grand Slam Bunny and Quax plus plenty of Bunny Munny! More »