The Everyday Candy Finder

Making Candy Fun


Caramel Cups
Summer Kabobs

Summer never tasted this sweet with strawberries, marshmallows, caramel cups and caramel wafers all on one stick! Sure to be a summer dessert delight at your next cookout. More »

Classic Coin

Chocolaty moist cupcakes with butter cream centers are the key to any chocolate lover's heart. Top off with creamy vanilla frosting and Palmer Chocolate Coins and you've made a candy lover's dream come true! More »

Dark Chocolate Peppermint
Patty Brownies

Dark chocolate meets Palmer's most classic mint candy in this irresistible recipe inspired by minty gooey goodness. More »

Cookies & Creme

The ultimate cookies & creme indulgence with cookies & creme cake and miniature bars piled high on a bed of chocolaty icingmaking this combination a go-to for cookies & creme cravings. More »

Peanut Butter
Cup Cookies

If peanut butter cups had a best friend, it would be a peanut butter cookie. Enjoy these mini peanut butter sensations as a snack or with a tall glass of milk. More »

Giant Peanut
Butter Cup Cookie

Nothing says “indulge” like a ¼ pound peanut butter cup baked inside a giant peanut butter cookie! More »


Candy Flower

Spring has arrived and the flowers are blooming some tasty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Create this simple colorful Candy Flower Wreath and add a touch of sweetness to your home. More »


Candy Match


  • Use your mouse to DRAG AND DROP the candy pieces UP, DOWN, LEFT AND RIGHT to match three like pieces of candy together. You have 10 levels to earn as many points as you can!
  • Watch out for the TIMER, it is set for each round to get progressively shorter so make as many matches as you can before time runs out. Tick-Tock!
  • If you're having trouble, use the HINT BUTTON to show you where a match is, Palmer won't deduct points for this.
  • Earn BONUS POINTS for matches more than three pieces and you'll achieve high candy scores in no time.

Chocolate Break


  • Use your mouse to move the chocolaty bounce bar LEFT TO RIGHT. Bounce the ball off the bar and walls to keep the ball in play.
  • AVOID having the ball fall in the grass. You will lose a chance!
  • BREAK as many of the candy pieces as possible. You have three chances to master three levels and score as many points as you can.
  • BONUS POINTS give you extra balls to break more candy and negative points shrink the size of your bounce bar.
  • Beat all three levels and PLAY AGAIN!

Bunny Catch


  • Catch as many bunnies on the Palmer Farm as you can with your net. They're fast so make sure you see the EXCLAMATION POINT to verify your catch.
  • AVOID catching the bunnies in a box, you will lose a chance and only have three chances.
  • Catch a PINK BUNNY and earn bonus points!
  • Each level gets a little faster so be quick like a bunny if you can.